I knew it was going to be a bad day as soon as the wife played her Country and Western music over breakfast. Even worse she sang the words to the accompaniment of hale and rain battering against the window.

And so it proved to be.

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On a green as heavy as lead the Slawit Light Infantry, like the French knights at Crecy centuries before, lost its way in the mire and crashed to an ignominious defeat at the hands of the Ravensknowle Park Heavy Brigade in a whanging match of epic proportions.

Woods were hurled by the Heavy Brigade to parts of the green that were further than most of the Light Brigade would contemplate going on holiday and the inevitable collapse ensued. Their honour besmirched some were struck dumb, others sought petrol and matches to to send their woods up in smoke as appeasement to the Gods whose wrath they had so obviously incurred. cheap viagra Raw recruit Robert Mozley was shell shocked into asking “What the xxxx have you got me into ?”. But he had taken the King’s shilling and there was no going back.

Mentioned in depatches, Stuart Wood and the Platoon Commander who stuck to their guns and wore down the enemy in their small corner of the battlefield.

Exit the field the halt and the lame to the sound of weeping and wailing and muffled drum accompanied from afar by the taunting voices of the the victors “Seven – Two, Seven – Two (etc,etc)”.

Shades of Wilfred Owen and the old lie “Dulci et Decorum est Pro Bowling Club Mori “

Must remember to hide the C & W CDs.

An exclusive offer for Slaithwaite’s junior cricketers…

30% off the following master classes during February half term at the Headingley Indoor Cricket Centre.

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Wicket Keeping with Howard Jones Simon Guy
Wednesday 15th and cheap viagra online Thursday 16th February, 2pm – 4pm (£55 for both days)

Thursday 16th and Friday 17th February, 10am – 1pm (£69 for both days)

Thursday 16th and Friday 17th February, 2pm – 4pm (£65 for both days)



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This year we will be running fantasy cricket for our club. All games will count (1st cialis daily price XI, 2nd XI, Sykes Cup, Paddock Shield, Heavy Woollen, Crowther Cup & Twenty20).

Entry will be £5 per team or £10 for 3 teams. Prize money will be decided upon how many entries are made and confirmed before the first game of the season.

Anybody is welcome to play. For further details just contact me on mimonty@hotmail.co.uk.


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SHOULD BE A cialis professional GOOD DO.

We are in the process of putting the new pages together (along with salvaging the old cricket match reports!).

If members from any section of SCBC would like to contribute to order levitra the new site, please send an email or leave a comment so you can be given a username!

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