Two wins in two days – 14 points for and 4 against. Someone in our outfit must be dabbling in the dark arts and I shall keep a sharp lookout for any signs of newts or toads, pointy hats, magic wands or pentangles until we get to the bottom of this.

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An update on L.W. who must have had his mobile ‘phone repaired as El Capitano received a message to say that L.W. would be be late as he was on a shopping trip to town. Typical buy viagra super active of L.W. to keep me informed when he hasn’t been selected !

Tuesday’s game was notable for the weapons of mass destruction wielded by one of the opposition’s pairs players. 3′s full and hernia inducing in weight they regularly crashed into the boards sending whitewash, splinters and spectators flying. Rumour had it that they were cannonballs recovered from Crimea after devastating use against the Light Brigade. El Capitano is looking into whether or not some sort of licence is necessary for the ownership of such ordnance before someone gets killed.

Happy bowling everyone

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