The reader may recall an allusion by El Capitano in a previous report to his suspicions that the “dark arts” might have been invoked in the coming about of certain favourable results obtained by his Vets. “Dark arts” I hear you cry “what codswallop”. Well consider this. Whilst walking around the green El Capitano was stopped dead in his tracks by the sight of a toad, belly up, in the gutter and obviously having croaked its last (for the benefit of the biological anoraks amongst us the species was Buffo Buffo I believe). To El Capitano’s admittedly limited knowledge of toads (Buffo Buffo or otherwise) they don’t have much of an affinity with bowling greens. So how did it get viagra usa there? A bit of a leg pull for El Cap? A malfunctioning amphibian sat-nav? Or is E.C. on the right track? Whatever the answer it must be conceded that the result on the day showed a remarkable leaning towards an outside influence as Holmfirth were dealt their first defeat of the season 6-3.

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The toad remains in place and subsequent results have all been positive and El Capitano for one is not going to disturb toady in his posthumous slumbers.

Watch this space.

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